Prema Natural Yogurt

premá Natural Yogurt
A natural winner – pure and simple!

Yogurt is not just a delicious dessert, it has great health benefits. It is an excellent source of protein, calcium, riboflavin and vitamin B12. Yogurt has even more calcium and protein than milk. At-Tahur, with a motto to bring purity back to your lives, now introduces premá Natural Yogurt.

This 100% natural yogurt is prepared from 100% Australian Cow’s Milk and Active yogurt culture; and is free from preservatives, additives, artificial sweeteners, gelatin and other stabilizers. Yogurt at its purest, premá Natural Yogurt gives you an original and traditional texture and unsweetened taste of pure and free from chemicals, hence it can be consumed as yogurt is intended to be in all manners.

7 Benefits

Be Fit: It contains calcium which can help with weight management.
Be Vital: It's a good source of protein for muscle maintenance.
Be Comfortable It has active cultures that helps milk digestion.
Be Strong : It has calcium , essential for strong bones.
Be Nourished: It contains important nutrients for children's growth.
Be Proactive: It provides friendly bacteria for your digestive tract.
Be Happy : It is a great-tasting and satisfying part of your healthy diet.

Nutritional Facts per 200g

Energy 130 kcal Protein 6.2 g
Fat 7.4 g Calcium 200 g
Carbohydrate 9.4 g Vitamin- D 600 I.U/L
Sugar 0 g    

premá Natural Yogurt As Ingredient

As premá Natural Yogurt has no added sugar and contains no gelatin, it’s easily soluble and rinses well, therefore gives matchless taste when used in cooking, marination or to make drinks like Lassi, Shakes or Smoothies, etc.

premá Natural Yogurt As Dessert

If you’re looking for desserts, let premá Natural Yogurt be your first choice. As it is ‘natural’ yogurt, prepared using active culture, it gives you that rich taste of traditional yogurt! Have it plain or with sugar, cumin or mint, it’s simply delicious. Besides, active culture improves your digestion.

premá Natural Yogurt for Kids

premá Natural Yogurt is free from chemicals and additives and is prepared from cow’s milk, hence suits kids’ digestive system better. It has friendly bacteria for digestive tract & provides important nutrients for growth.

premá Natural Yogurt As Fitness Diet

premá Natural Yogurt has no added sugar and contains only the milk’s natural occurring carbohydrates; hence it is perfect diet for health conscious people and even suits diabetics. Moreover, it’s prepared from cow’s milk that has lower fats value and helps weight management.